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Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory Supply

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For stainless steel mesh factory supply, Please contact Liulin Stainless Steel Rope Net Factory. Liulin zoo wire mesh factory is a trusted supplier.

Stainless steel cable mesh is also called wire rope mesh, stainless steel woven mesh, and the material is mainly AISI304/316. Because of its unique characteristics, it is made of stainless steel and has good decorative properties.

The cable mesh netting is widely used in the design of zoo exhibition rooms, fence protection nets, and decoration area. Among them, European and American countries are widely used, and in recent years, they have also been well developed in China. However, due to the high cost of stainless steel mesh itself, to purchase stainless steel mesh, it is still necessary to find a reliable supply of stainless steel mesh factory and obtain direct factory prices.


Liulin Stainless Steel Rope Net cooperates with many well-known zoo and architectural designers at home and abroad, and provides them with countless wire mesh products. Wire rope nets are mostly used for animal cages, bird aviary nets, animal fences and garden decoration and construction renovations in zoos, wildlife parks, marine parks and other similar environments.

We provide factory customization service. Since each customer needs different sizes of stainless steel rope mesh, and the cost of stainless steel mesh is relatively high, the customized service can reduce waste and make installation simple and easy.

In addition, Liulin Stainless Steel Rope and Net Factory provides installation instructions.

Please contact Liulin to get your customized wire zoo mesh order.

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