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Stainless Steel Rope Wire Mesh for Animal Enclosure Netting

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Liulin stainless steel rope wire mesh is a kind of protective net woven of stainless steel wire rope by hand, also known as stainless steel wire mesh, wire rope mesh, wire rope braided mesh, etc., its mesh is diamond-shaped, which is a product that is both practical and beautiful.

Stainless steel wire rope mesh is different from ordinary purse seine, it has good flexibility and is a kind of protective net specially used for zoo fences, animal cages, and bird language forests. With more than 20 years of experience in the production of stainless steel rope nets, we have accumulated many project cases, and we can provide you with reasonable suggestions according to your needs.


Stainless steel rope meshes are widely used in the construction of animal cage nets, animal fence nets, animal seine nets, birdhouse nets, bird language forest nets, garden decoration and other protective nets in zoos, wildlife parks, parks and other similar environments. In addition, stainless steel rope net products are also suitable for stadium fences, performance field protective nets, building decoration nets, bridge fence nets, and protective nets in many fields such as playgrounds, highways, and airports.

Common product cases of stainless steel wire rope mesh include: bird cage nets, parrot cage nets, monkey fences, deer fences, bird language forest top nets, orangutan cage nets, tiger fences, bridge protection nets, etc.

Liulin stainless steel rope mesh is an ideal choice for modern decoration and protection. With the innovative production of products and the inspiration of designers, stainless steel wire rope mesh will be more widely used in many fields of production and life.

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