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Stainless steel wire cable mesh for zoo

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Stainless steel wire cable mesh is a net woven from stainless steel wire. The grid is diamond or square and is a practical and aesthetic product.

Unlike the ordinary fence, stainless steel wire cable mesh has many obvious advantages.

The stainless steel wire mesh is a flexible mesh with excellent flexibility, almost indestructible, impact resistance and resistance to breakage, and is most resistant to rain, snow, and hurricanes.

Based on these characteristics, you can stretch and twist the mesh to the designed shape at will, without worrying that it will break.

The raw material of the stainless steel wire rope mesh is stainless steel wire cables

The diamond shape mesh makes the mesh with good transparency and air flowing. And it can be used in any environment indoors and outdoors.

Stainless steel wire mesh is a very safe and strong product.

Not only does the raw material determine the high-quality properties of stainless steel wire mesh, but its processing technology is also an important reason for its safety and stability.

A stainless steel wire cable mesh panel has an infinite number of cross knots. The smaller the mesh aperture, the more knots; and the greater the density of the knots, the higher the security.

Stainless steel wire cable mesh will be the future of enclosure materials.