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Woven Mesh with Black Oxide Finished Order Delivery

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LIULIN ZOO MESH MANUFACTURER has an order of woven mesh with black oxide finished shipping to the North America.

The dyeing of stainless steel wire cable mesh is different from other steels with smooth surfaces. Because the wire rope is twisted by multiple strands of steel wire, it is textured. If the spraying method is not ideal, the color will fall off. Therefore, the commonly used method is oxidation treatment. The color is usually black.

black oxide wire cable woven mesh

The black oxidized stainless steel zoo net is more corrosion-resistant and more visually transparent. It is black. From a distance, the wire rope is very thin, and the grid structure makes the overall cage very natural.

Liulin zoo mesh manufacturer produces and supplies black stainless steel zoo nets. The size can be customized. You can provide a specific size or design drawing, and we will produce the mesh of the corresponding size for you to facilitate the installation; and can be equipped with the same diameter steel wire rope and steel ferrules used to connect the mesh.

After the stainless steel rope net is black oxide, it can relieve the eye irritation and protect the eyes against the dazzling strong sunlight. At the same time, it has a unique aesthetic feeling. It is mainly used for animal cage protection nets and building decoration protection Compared with the original color stainless steel rope net, it has a more user-friendly design.

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black wire cable mesh fence

Woven Mesh with Black Oxide Finished