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Stainless Steel Wire Cable Netting – a few things you should know

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As an experienced production factory, Liulin Metal Fabric has supplied countless stainless steel wire cable netting to customers. The size of the stainless steel mesh can be customized, and the installation is convenient and simple. But there are some things to be aware of.

Today we will share some things you should pay attention to when ordering stainless steel wire mesh.

measurements of the wire cable nettingdirection of wire cable netting

How do I know the measurements of the wire cable mesh?

When deciding the size of the flexible stainless steel cable netting, you only need to measure the length and height you need. If you are really afraid that the size of the cable mesh is not enough, the size of the cable mesh can be appropriately increased a little. Remember, when you receive the woven cable mesh, the mesh net is in a natural contraction state, and each mesh hole needs to be evenly stretched to a standard angle to achieve the desired effect.

knot of wire rope mesh

How to know the direction of the mesh?

Generally, we place the stainless steel wire cable netting knot vertical to the ground, so that the direction vertical to the ground is height, and the horizontal direction to the ground is length.

Why can't the height of the mesh be too large?

The stainless steel woven wire cable net is woven by inserting two parallel ropes back and forth in the height direction. In this way, each net knot will be interwoven twice. If the height of the net piece is larger, the times of friction will increase. Therefore, there is a risk of wire breakage. In order to ensure the quality of the product, we all suggest that the height of the mesh should not exceed 5 meters.

These things need special attention when ordering stainless steel rope mesh. To be clear about the needs of customers, we will confirm with customers one by one, and finally confirm the required products and production methods by combining pictures and text.

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