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What is the Stainless Steel Cable Mesh

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The stainless steel cable mesh consists of wires connected in parallel to the weld.Mesh wire is preferred by most zoos and bird sanctuaries because of its lightweight yet compact structure. Steel supplies are especially easy to clean.

The stainless steel mesh have parallel steel wires and stainless steel connections.The external form of the stainless steel cable mesh ensures the safety of people and animals.

The versatile and durable stainless steel cable mesh and stainless steel cable ferrule mesh can be used in animal enclosures and enclosures to provide a safety barrier while preserving aesthetics. Unlike traditional plastic mesh, stainless steel wire rope mesh is completely UV and weather resistant

Iron cords are generally fitted to a metal board bearing 7*7 or 19* stiffness. The wire diameters range from small wires to 1.2mm and 4.0mm. The cables are of different diameters.For example, 1.2mm diameter steel wire can be at least 20mm diameter, but it is time consuming and expensive. Stainless steel cable mesh net is typically 25mm (1 inches) and 51mm (2 inches) in diameter. The cable must be at least 3.2 mm for a mutual connection of 51 mm. 

Handmade stainless steel cable mesh was used as a sport in the 1990s because of its high level and smooth appearance. Reusable steel is compatible with the idea of inside the zoo. For this purpose, the animals’ enclosures are made of stainless steel.

stainless steel cable mesh

Not only has the same performance as the stainless steel natural color mesh, but also more corrosion-resistant. Black can relieve visual fatigue.

An oxidation process is a black metallic wire coating. The stainless steel cable mesh without damaging the mesh. Natural Black Metal Production Black Stainless Steel Mesh has been well received by customers and designers from the beginning.