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Why Choose Stainless Steel Cable Mesh?

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Animal Enclosure netting, also known as animal fences, are used for indoor and outdoor animal rest. In contrast, if you are a long-term project, stainless steel rope nets are ideal as animal purse seines.

Stainless steel cable meshes are not restricted for enclosure animals, such as parrots, eagles, peacocks, monkeys, orangutans, wolves, tigers, leopards, etc.

Advantages of stainless steel cable mesh:

1. With high tensile strength, it can be easily and safely isolated and protected for all kinds of animals with strong attack ability in the zoo.

2. Corrosion-resistant, no rust; can be used in various outdoor climates without any maintenance.

3. Good flexibility, not restricted by the shape of animal cages, and can be folded and pulled at will.

4. The stainless steel rope net for zoo purse seine has a long service life, more than 30 years.

5. Beautiful and transparent, close to nature, green and environmental protection; it can give animals a sense of unconstrained space, and at the same time give tourists a good viewing vision.

6. Liulin custom-made stainless steel rope net mesh area, custom size, can cover the whole area of the zoo cage.