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zoo enclosures for monkey exhibit design supplier

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Stainless steel rope braid netting for zoo monkey cage protection, liulin direct manufacturer supply, good flexibility, tensile strength, no rust. Stainless steel cable hand woven mesh is a monkey cage protection netting, monkey barrier protective netting, zoo enclosures for monkey exhibit design, monkey fence, monkey cages, monkey enclosures, monkey safety isolation mesh and other exhibit enclosures first product, complete specifications, custom size. Liulin stainless steel monkey cage barrier protective netting product case diagram is as follows, for your reference:

monkey barrier protective netting, zoo enclosures for monkey exhibit design, monkey fence, monkey cages, monkey enclosures

Stainless steel rope weaving mesh, also known as stainless steel cable hand woven netting, wire rope braid netting, used for zoo, monkey park where the monkey cages enclosures, for a variety of monkey varieties, such as: golden monkey, leaf monkey, monkey, lemur, gibbon, , Lazy monkey and so on. Liulin stainless steel rope braid netting --- zoo enclosures for monkey cage protection neting commonly used specifications are as follows:

According to the monkey size, liulin recommended:

wire rope diameter: 1.6mm / 2.0mm / 2.4mm

mesh size: 38mm × 38mm, 51mm × 51mm, 76mm × 76mm

woven mesh size (long × high): custom 

 monkey fence netting, monkey cages, monkey enclosures, monkey protection mesh supplier 

Liulin stainless steel rope braided mesh used in the zoo monkey cages net, monkey exhibit fence, monkey barrier protective netting, zoo enclosures for monkey exhibit design, monkey fence, monkey cages, monkey enclosures, stainless steel monkey enclosures fence, monkey garden fence mesh, wire mesh for monkey cage mesh, monkey perimeter netting, monkey roof mesh supplies, monkey cover manufacturer, monkey protection fence advantages:


1, stainless steel rope hand-woven netting tensile strength, breaking strength, monkeys can climb any, pull.

2, wire rope mesh for monkey fence - good flexibility, wire rope diameter is smooth, you can protect the monkey fur from any damage.

3, corrosion-resistant, no rust, the service life of more than 30 years, very suitable for outdoor large monkey mountain, monkey cage protection.

4, environmentally friendly and beautiful, reusable, stainless steel rope braided netting does not require any maintenance.

5, liulin stainless steel rope products are scalable, flexible and convenient installation for a variety of terrain.

6, custom size, custom products.


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