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zoo fence mesh, zoo animal fencing manufacturer

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zoo fence mesh, zoo animal fencing is made of liulin manufacturer, by 304 stainless steel wire rope woven, is the zoo cages dedicated fence enclosure net. So the zoo fence mesh can also be called zoo animal cage netting, zoo fence covered mesh, animal fencing protective net.

zoo fence mesh, zoo animal fencing, animal cage fence, zoo fence net 

Stainless steel zoo animal fencing, zoo fence mesh applications are very common, common in the zoo animal cage netting, for the top of the animal cage and around the fence protection, to prevent animal escape damage to tourists, but also to protect animals from other animals and undesirable attacks. Zoo fence mesh can be applied to all kinds of animals such as birds, macaws, flamingos, red pheasant, peacock, crane birds, eagles and other animals( tigers, lions, leopards, giraffes, wild boar , Sika deer, orangutans, golden monkeys……).


Zoo is a modern city leisure park, with the promotion of popular science role, is that we understand the wild animal habit is an important place. Zoo cage environment construction, directly related to the animal's living conditions, thus affecting people's correct understanding of animals. So the zoo cage fence construction is a very important project, today liulin to introduce you to animal cages fence how to choose?


First of all, according to the development of the zoo to consider, 1. temporary job, select the nylon, barbed wire, low cost but durability and poor protection; 2 long-term project, you can choose stainless steel wire cable fence netting, durable and strong, no rust, long service life. then, according to the type of zoo animal species to choose the appropriate specifications, that is, wire cables diameter and fence mesh opening size, so as to be able to effectively protect the animals. Second, the choice of cage network to be beautiful and environmentally friendly, easy to watch visitors, while improving the zoo grade.

zoo fence mesh, zoo animal fencing manufacturer - stainless steel zoo mesh 

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zoo fence mesh, zoo animal fencing manufacturer - stainless steel zoo mesh

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