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Animal Enclosures Netting

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Stainless steel Animal Enclosures Netting is the first choice for animal mesh, animal fence, animal mesh, animal enclosure wire rope mesh and other fields of application.

The wire rope net is made of high quality stainless steel wire rope.     

Animal Seine nets are designed for the safety of the animals and the people around them.The high-strength and lightweight mesh provides excellent visibility without sacrificing the tensile strength of the structure after installation.The strong metal weave ensures long term use.

Animal mesh size and packaging?

1. Size of each grid panel:

Standard dimensions are 30 ft x 60 ft (9 m x 18 m)

Mesh can be made according to the required size, but each mesh should not be larger than 9m x 18m, easy to manufacture, transport and installation

Characteristics of animal purse Seine:

Mesh flexible


Beautiful, more solid.

Application of animal enclosures:

There are many places in the zoo animal fence, wildlife park net, wildlife park net, animal protection center cage net, animal shelter net, animal museum enclosure and other places of the fence.

stainless steel wire rope mesh products as animal protection fence facilities in zoo