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Animal fence enclosure netting design tips

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In the design of the modern zoo animal cage fencing, the need to understand the animal's physiological habits, in order to maximize the living animals, the most real side of the show in front of tourists. The most commonly used means of animal fence enclosure netting, light, space, vision, temperature and other factors.

Fencing: Animal fence enclosure netting is a safe guarantee and barrier, rugged fence can protect the safety of tourists and can protect the safety of animals. Green pollution-free zoomesh products for animal fence enclosure netting is a professional zoo fence, which is approved by many users of the animal fence. Unlike other fencing, zoo mesh products are suitable for use in a variety of animal fence enclosure netting, not subject to location, environment, shape and other factors.

Light: Take Bird cage fencing as an example, birds like to be in bright and food place, they never fly to unfamiliar darkness. So in the design of the bird cage fencing, you can take full account of the light factor, the bird cage fencing layout in the dark places. This does not affect the normal activities of the birds, but also play a stealth role.

Space: within the animal fence enclosure netting, when designed need to provide animals with climbing, or jumping, or hidden places. This gives the animal a lot of fun and a sense of security. Especially for monkey animals, soft and flexible monkey enclosure mesh is also a good choice for them to climb.

Visual: In order to create a better viewing effect, in the design of animal fence enclosure netting, often need to design some stones, trenches, plants, fencing and so on to allow visitors to have a better visual experience, to reproduce the original ecological life of animals.

Temperature: the appropriate temperature in or outside the animal fence enclosure netting, especially in the summer and winter, extreme weather to the animals to bring a severe test. So the summer heat equipment and heating equipment placed in the appropriate and hidden position, play a role with the integration of the environment.

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