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Best material for Zoo animal enclosure fence

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More and more zoos are improving their enclosure fences, and they have chosen the best material - stainless steel cable mesh. Stainless steel materials are widely used in our life. Its superior material properties are making it a replacement for previous metal materials.

LIULIN Flexible stainless steel cable mesh

Ten years ago, the zoo was still using the chain link fence as a fence for cages, but in recent years, these animal fences have faced various problems. The hook flower net fence will rust, the paint layer will fall off, be broken, broken, difficult to maintain, and even pollute the surrounding environment. Every time a large-scale maintenance, you have to pay very high labor costs. This is really not cost-effective for their 10-year service life.

Is there a material that can replace the crochet net?

Since its appearance, stainless steel cable mesh has won the favor of the market with its excellent performance and long service life. More and more customers choose this advanced product. Stainless steel cable network has been loved by customers, but many companies in the market are only reselling this product, the price is very high, and there is no good after-sales guarantee. Liulin is a manufacturer that sells products directly to customers through the Internet without intermediate links. Direct manufacturers, high quality products, satisfactory service, factory price.

If you choose stainless steel cable mesh, Liulin will be your best choice.