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Bird Netting Wholesale

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This is a bird netting wholesale, have many mesh for different of birds.

Different life of the bird netting life is not the same. The first factor affecting the bird netting is raw material. There are many kinds of raw materials. Polymerization of raw materials is in fact the reference material of the bird netting, this is the most durable, because it is two different raw materials, in the process of drawing, non-stock, high temperature, it is easy to be oxidized, easy to disconnect The It is recommended to buy stainless steel material of the bird netting.

This is a bird netting wholesale, have many mesh for different of birds.

From bird netting wholesale direct order, you can save the middlemen of the link, you can get very competitive prices, and good service. Stainless steel bird netting is hand woven by wire cables, X-corss structure, will sure of the knots not move, and the netting is flexible and soft, can wholly protect the birds.

Open the net bag, we first feel is not know how to start, because some of a package of network about 200 kilos of heavy, a large bag of bird open, we do not know how to use, this time do not worry, we slowly The bag of anti-bird net poured out to find the head of the net. Manufacturers in the bag when the plug is good plug, do not worry about the network will be blind. And then a little bit of the spread of the bird network on it. 

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