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Anti bird mesh Netting

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Bird forest park is a good place to relax, the anti bird mesh netting can make the protection of bird forest park more subtle, the overall environment closer to nature.

Outdoor large-scale bird park construction of the framework of the use of steel structure, very durable and difficult to corrosion. There are also some options for traditional cement pouring, but the skeleton is generally made of stainless steel. The Top support is generally used as a load bearing wire ropes, because the rope is flexible and easy to break. The top cover using the anti bird mesh netting, will be good line of sight and can play a protective role.

As for anti bird mesh netting for outdoor large-scale bird park, liulin It is recommended to select the appropriate bird Netting specification according to the actual circumstance. For example the diameter of the stainless steel wire rope mesh is selected according to the smallest bird to be surrounded, The largest bird chooses the rope diameter of a stainless steel wire rope mesh to ensure adequate impact resistance. In addition, the weight of anti bird mesh netting is one of the factors considered, although the weight of anti bird mesh netting than ordinary stainless steel wire mesh is much lighter, but as the top of the net when the weight of the mesh according to the appropriate structure of the skeleton.

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