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Bird Netting manufacturer

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This is a bird netting manufacturer in China, we do this bird netting mesh over twenty years, is very professional and experienced.

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The bird netting we supplied is very suitable for a variety of environments Bird watching for a variety of birds, whether it is a separate encirclement, or mixed encirclement, commonly used specifications are:

Wire rope diameter: 1.2mm - 2.0mm

bird netting aperture: 20mm - 76mm

Material: stainless steel 304,316

With the development of ecotourism, bird watching tourism has gradually become the focus of attention. In China, although the development of bird watching tourism late, but the development of fast, bird watching garden has become an indispensable part of wetland landscape construction. Birdwatching is not only a convenient place for bird watchers, but also makes people in the process of natural and natural appreciation of the protection of birds, universal ecological knowledge of the role of ecological awareness enjoys popular support. As Bird Netting manufacturer, we are also concerned about the survival and safety of birds.

Taking wetland environment as an example, wetland is an important living environment of human being, and it is also the most ecological landscape of nature. It is the habitat of many endangered waterfowl. The number and type of birds in wetlands are higher than those in common areas. We offer bird netting span large, large area, can be covered and used in a wide range.

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