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How much is zoo mesh fencing per foot?

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We are a manufacture specialized in producing the stainless steel wire rope mesh netting, said Zoo mesh fencing, which are hand woven by 304/316 stainless steel wire cables, so the mesh are soft, flexible, durable and extendable, very suitable used in zoos, parks, garden for kinds of bird aviary netting, animal enclosure, animal fence, decorative, protective, and so on.

About the Zoo mesh fencing  price per sq.ft., different mesh models for different size of animals which caging alone. If mixed culture, need to consider the smallest size animals and largest size animal to select suitable mesh models. After selecting the specific mesh code, we'd like to give you a details quotation.

So first, please let us know what kind of animals in your cage? or the mesh aperture you expect.
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In fact, as a protective fence products that does not require post-maintenance, current prices are lifelong prices because they can last for over 30 years. Therefore, this calculation, the choice of this mesh is very wise. Especially for the unique shape of the top netting, the latter part of the maintenance is very difficult. This Zoo mesh fencing is the perfect solution to this problem, how incredible it is.

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