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How to choose a durable and effective animal fence?

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Yesterday we introduced the physical fence for animal enclosure mesh and obtained the most effective physical fence product - Stainless steel wire rope mesh. Today, we will introduce another way of effective fence: electric fence.

Electric fences can be used as permanent fences, but are often used for temporary fences, such as when fences need to be relocated from a rental property or used for rotational care management.


• Electric fences can be much cheaper than physical fences and easier to build and reposition.

• Electric fences are more suitable for rugged terrain. It can further provide effectiveness when used in conjunction with a physical fence that acts as a further barrier from the impact of the animal. Electric fences are also very beneficial in prohibiting predators.

As with physical fences, there are many different materials that can be used for electric fences. It is highly recommended to talk to experienced fence suppliers to determine the appropriate type of fence.

Durable and effective animal fence - Stainless steel wire rope mesh

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