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Parrots cage netting design and construction

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Parrots cage netting design and construction

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The common parrots in Parrots cage netting are: parakeet, budgerigar, cockatoo, macaw, gray parrot, Hyacinth Macaw, Blue & Gold Macaw, parrots are intelligent and spiritual birds, they are bright, good language, very subject to People love, in the ordinary life, zoos, wildlife parks, bird parks, and individuals are raising a variety of parrots.

Parrot encirclement to choose a better area of ventilation and light, the area depends on the number of parrots and the size of the decision, the general individual encirclement of the region is relatively small, more indoors, and specialized zoos, birds surrounded by large areas of parrot , Variety is also diverse. Parrot cage netting is best to use strong and durable is not easy to bite the destruction of the stainless steel wire rope mesh, mesh size between 20mm-50mm, mesh installation smooth, protect the parrot's feathers, safety does not affect the viewing line of sight. Stainless steel rope mesh for different types of parrots of different specifications, the area can be customized according to customer needs size, easy installation, long life, very suitable for individuals, companies and zoos, bird park parrots surrounded and watch.

At the time of construction parrots cage netting,  it's better to plant two rows of shade trees, such as poplars, are planted on each side of each breeding room. Trees from the breeding room about 4 meters, spacing 3 meters, poplar forest, in the summer, lush poplar cover the culture room of the sun, this can reduce the culture room temperature 2 ℃ ~ 4 ℃. It can also improve the surrounding environment of the breeding room.

In the aquaculture room of parrots cage netting need good ventilation, with skylight roof, the walls have ventilation holes to ensure air circulation. In addition, the breeding room to be installed with heating and other warming equipment, so that in the cold winter, the parrot can also be safe and warm through. Also note that, because the parrot's mouth is hard, the toes and the mouth with the flexibility, very good at demolishing cages, so suitable for use in the house with a solid stainless steel bird netting for breeding, a 22 square meters of the house about 48 cages It's up. Finally, do not forget to put in the parrot breeding room hygrometer, so that the temperature of the breeding room maintained at 17-21 degrees, humidity remained at about 40%.

The above article is the general requirements for the construction of the parrot cage netting, that is to say no matter what kind of breeding, how much age parrot, the above several requirements on the breeding room are necessary to do, but we according to the parrot Age and use different, the construction of the breeding room has a different place.

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