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Stainless steel animal fence for monkey

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The stainless steel animal fence for monkeys is a flexible mesh of diamond-shaped mesh made of stainless steel wire. Commonly used in zoo animal cages, it is a brand new building material. Compared with traditional wire mesh products, it has many advantages. It is suitable for all kinds of monkey cages, monkey nets, monkey fences, monkey nets, monkey nets. Monkey exhibition.

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The stainless steel animal fence is manually processed, and the multi-strand steel wire ropes are knotted to each other to form a mesh shape.

According to the way in which the wire rope is knotted, the common stainless steel wire rope net is divided into two types, one is connected by a stainless steel sleeve. It is called stainless steel buckle net. The other is fixed by the wire rope itself, called stainless steel braided rope net.

Compared with the stainless steel wire rope ferrule net, the stainless steel wire rope woven net produced by Liulin is lighter in weight and light transmissive under the same strength and specifications. Therefore, it is often used in the aviary and monkey cages. Braid. Secondly, the stainless steel woven mesh has no casing, which perfectly avoids the reflection under the sunlight, and has no light pollution, which is more conducive to animal health.

The stainless steel wire rope woven net produced by Liulin has unique craftsmanship, high quality and good price. It has greater performance advantages than similar products and has received high praise from customers all over the world.