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Stainless steel wire rope mesh project cases in Chengdu Zoo, China

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Now we are working on the product cases and we will see it later on the dedicated page. Today, we look at the case of product application in the Chengdu Zoo.

Chengdu is a large city in southwest China and belongs to Sichuan Province. Established in 1953, Chengdu Zoo is the largest zoo in the area.

The Chengdu Zoo has successively been awarded “Global Top 500” by the UN Environment Program, the “Top Ten Zoos in the Country” awarded by the Ministry of Construction, and “National Outstanding Popular Science Education Base” by the Chinese Academy of Science and Technology.

Chengdu Zoo has used a lot of our products - Stainless steel wire rope mesh, including a variety of bird fences, primate enclosure mesh, giraffe fences, various small animal fences and so on.

avairy netting project in Chengdu zoo in China

You will soon see the detailed photo information on the case page. Please also pay attention to our updates.

Let us look forward to it together.

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