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This Mesh special for zoo animal cage fence enclosure netting

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Stainless steel rope Mesh special for zoo animal cage fence enclosure netting

We manufacture and supply this kind of stainless steel wire mesh customers mainly zoo, including the zoo in a variety of animal cage fence, bird net and so on.

Stainless steel zoo mesh network because of its use of the particularity of the environment, the fence must not rust, can not be corroded, the use of time to be long enough.

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There are a lot of zoos in the world, the type and size are different, the animals in the zoo are diverse, this is a very wonderful animal world, we need serious and careful treatment.

Of course, the choice of zoo mesh network there are many, but for us this way, we have enough advantages and confidence to give customers a better experience.

As a factory, although our products are limited, but each of our zoo mesh can be directly exported to the customer's hands, there is no intermediate links, there is no middlemen, a great savings in customer procurement costs.

As a factory, we strictly control the quality of the product, from the choice of raw materials to zoo mesh made, we strictly in accordance with international standards.

Protection of education is the primary function of the zoo, "serving the public, to play the zoo's social welfare role should be" is the survival of each zoo, and serve the public the most direct and most effective way is in the zoo Or by the zoo to lead or participate in public protection education. Through the protection education for the public, the zoo gradually built into a link between the city public and the wild natural habitat protection, to expand the protection of the connotation of the past one-sided animal protection developed into the protection of the entire natural ecology, and in this area Public participation opportunities, the zoo business and the public close together.

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