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Tiger cage enclosure Construction and installation

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Tiger cage enclosure is a special purse, need enough strength and power to prevent the tiger damage, but also in the visual enough to give a sense of security, of course, also consider the permeability of the fence, and the visual effects.

Tiger cage enclosure is a special purse1 / 8inch diameter wire rope is suitable for the tiger cage enclosure

In the construction of the cage enclosure, people often choose the way people and tigers separate, that is, people and animals are not on a horizontal line. For example, in a zoo in the United States, building an air passage across the entire road for tigers. The tiger can come back and forth in the channel, overlooking the people on the road. For example, in my city zoo, the visitor channel is above, the tiger is below, people can look down on the tiger. No matter what way, are to protect the safety of tourists and animals.

In the case of a tiger cage enclosure, we believe that the 1 / 8inch diameter wire rope is suitable for the tiger, and we have tested the tensile strength and breaking strength of this wire rope. So in security, we are very confident. But in the tiger cage enclosure installation, but also need to pay attention to some of the details.

For example, the spacing between the columns of the tiger fence is not too large, 5m, or no more than 20feet is appropriate. Tiger fence height 4-5m is OK, and the tiger cage enclosure do not need the top of the network coverage.

We can guarantee that the tigercage enclosure is very strong and durable, but in order to sort out the cage safety considerations, customers should also ensure that the installation of the framework is strong enough, the tiger fence and the framework of the connection is strong enough.

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