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Zoo cage design description (reprint)

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With the development of industrialization and the process of urbanization, people pay more and more attention to ecotourism. They are eager to be close to nature and close to animals. They have a strong pursuit of "returning to nature" and love the realm of "blue sky, clear water, beautiful flowers and birds". Therefore, people pay more and more attention to the design and construction of the zoo, including the design and construction of various Zoo animal cages fences.

As a media for the realization of human's desire to be close to nature and to be close to animals, zoo has drawn more and more attention and its role and status in the city have also been increasingly enhanced.

In the developed countries, zoos have become one of the most important symbols of urban economy, culture, science and technology, social development and modernization. Their functions have gradually evolved from pure entertainment to comprehensive entertainment, education, scientific research and nature conservation place.

 First, the overall design of zoo concept:

1, the construction of eco-zoo, according to local conditions to simulate animal habitat environment, the establishment of ecological animal venues.
2, the overall plan to increase the concept of animal welfare, respect for animal life habits and privacy, animal sight to achieve accessibility.
3, planning zoo infrastructure, in order to achieve scientific management and information technology.
4, architectural style to reflect the natural ecological landscape, and animals and the environment should be integrated.
5, layout of animal display To combine the advantages of existing animals and regions, to create a certain number of ecological animal layout and animal display area.
6, reasonable design of venues to create a natural landscape, to provide visitors with a popular science education, leisure and mountaineering excursions and fitness venues.

Second, the animal's cage and Zoo animal cages fences design concept:

We start from the three objectives of the animal design of the design of the premises:
1. Ecological environment of animal living;
2. Visibility of tourists;
3. Managers easy to operate.

In the design of venues at the same time animal-oriented, reflecting the park's good welfare for animals. Starting from considering the animal's habits, the ecological layout of the entire cage, consider the animal's private space, social space, animal space to escape and the wild looking for food behavior and so on. Create a reasonable, ecological and economic animal display space.

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