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Zoo mesh Aviary Mesh

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Aviary Mesh is just one of application of Zoo mesh products, but it is also a main one. There are more than twenty difference mesh codes for different kinds of birds, from small to large, from gentle to fiercely. 

We can do targeted application, that is, for different birds choose different specifications of zoo mesh codes, strive to be more accurate and more suitable. such as, about the mesh for parrots, different mesh models for different kinds of parrots which feed alone. If mixed culture, need to consider the smallest size birds and largest size birds to select suitable mesh models. So we need to know what kind of parrots in your cage? or the mesh aperture you expact?

Now is a project case of zoo mesh for aviary mesh, is a bird aviary park.

zoo mesh for aviary mesh.jpg

The concept is designed to transform traditional cage-feeding cages into a giant bird, which allows the birds to naturally inhabit and allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the bird-watching park.

The entire park covers an area of 3 hectares, zoo mesh for aviary mesh covering an area of nearly one hectare, with a network of curved arch and a series of frames.

There are more than 250 habitat species in the park, and the park's design concept provides for each species to have its own layer of space. Thus the total formation of nearly 4,500 meters of the tour route.

Of course the birdcage is the largest structural building made of nets and a new material that is extremely strong in pressure. The middle of the double arch is 12 meters high and 30 meters high.

Bird cage surface lake, open to the water, the bird cage also designed viewing platform, aquatic areas, bridges, waterfalls and other areas. Between the cage and the cage, there is a block to prevent birds flying indiscriminately.

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