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Black Netting Mesh for Finch Order Delivery

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Black netting mesh for finch order was completed this week. Liulin zoo mesh manufacturer sent it to the United States by FedEx.

Black stainless steel rope net is an emerging zoo building material. In recent years, black oxide stainless steel zoo net has been widely used in European and American countries. All this is thanks to the growing maturity of stainless steel black oxidation technology. 

Oxidizing the stainless steel mesh black can make the color of the stainless steel cable mesh black. Under the summer sun, the stainless steel rope mesh will not reflect dazzling light and is more visually friendly.

During the black oxidation process, the surface of the stainless steel rope produces oxide of triiron tetroxide, which is tightly attached to the surface of the steel wire rope and becomes a protective layer. This oxide protects bird cage nets from oxidative attack.

black netting mesh for finch delivery of black netting mesh

This American zoo is our regular customer who always purchuses the black netting mesh from our factory for different animals. This purchse order is for the new finch aviary.

Finch is a small type of bird. And they need a small aperture opening mesh. The smallest aperture we weave now is 20mm (that is 4/5 inches). This is perfect material for the finch aviary netting.

The customized mesh pieces sizes would also benefit the project - to make installation easy, and to save the waste.

Liulin zoo mesh is willing to help you make zoo enclosure construction simple and better.

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