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Deer fence nettings Installation

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Deer fence nettings are used to isolate deer and visitors, and colleagues provide protection for deer and prevent deer and other small animals from damaging gardens and other vegetation. Our deer fences are lightweight yet strong and easy to install.

Here are the methods of deer fence netting installation:

1. Outline your fence perimeter

Use a measuring wheel or an old-fashioned tape measure to assess how far the fence needs to cover. This way, you can get a good estimate of how much fencing you need. But with an additional factor of about 10%, you need to cover the total amount of fencing material required, errors, and errors for eventual replacement.

2. Arrange your corners

Your goal is to give yourself a clear reference point to tie your fence to. When you encounter complications or errors during installation, you can always take a step back and refer to the reference points you laid out to get back on track.

3. Start the installation

Open the fencing roll and attach it to your first support structure. If you like a clean look, you can cut any dangling pieces from the edges of the mesh before attaching.