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Lion Enclosure Fence Netting

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The lion enclosure fence netting is made of stainless steel ferrule net or interwoven rope net. The steel wire rope net is made of high-quality stainless steel steel wire rope, which is hand-woven into a diamond-shaped net. 100% hand-woven, strong, flexible, soft, durable, non-rusting, non-corrosive, and long service life.

The hand-woven fence net has excellent flexibility, is almost indestructible, has the strongest impact resistance and fracture resistance, the best resistance to rain, snow, hurricanes, and absolute UV resistance and weather resistance.

The lion enclosure fence netting has uniform openings and good transparency, which is economical and environmentally friendly, and can be designed as an artificial ecosystem for lion life and tourists to enjoy, providing visitors with the best interactive conditions.

Features of lion enclosure fence netting:

● Good tear resistance.

● Can be bent and folded freely, easy to install.

● Well embedded in the surrounding environment.

lion enclosure fence netting application:

● Design it as a lion fence or build a house for the lion.

● Separate grid for different lions.