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Lion Fence Project Mesh Order Delivry

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Liulin zoo wire mesh factory completed the Lion Fence Project Mesh order this week and is ready to ship to the United States.

The purchase order is from one of our regular customer who is a zoo operater. He ordered our stainless steel cable mesh a lot almost every year. He is a very good partner. Sometimes he also buys some stainless steel nets on behalf of other zoos. We have a very pleasant cooperation. 

Lion Fence Project MeshZoo mesh used for Lion cage fence - www.ssnetting.com

The cable wire mesh will be used as the lion fence project mesh. It is 1/8" cable with 2.5" aperture. This is a common specification for big cats such as lions, tigers, and leopards. And it is also can be used as the bear fence.

This is a supplemental purchase order. The wire cable net for lion enclosure they ordered not long ago was not enough, so they were ordering another net. The single net weighs 150 kilograms.

We can customize the mesh roll sizes. Please send us more requirements when you need the mesh, we will offer you the best quote.

Many people come into contact with wire rope nets for the first time or hear how they are from others, but they have never seen this product, do not understand the characteristics of wire rope mesh nets, and do not know how to provide accurate information to order. It doesn't matter, don't worry, you just need to contact us, tell us your problem, and we will provide you with a feasible solution. If you need to know more characteristics of stainless steel wire mesh, or you need to test whether it can meet the requirements, please contact us for samples. Liulin zoo wire mesh can provide free samples, and we also accept customized sample orders.

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