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Stainless steel cable mesh for lion enclosure fence mesh

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Stainless steel cable mesh for lion enclosure fence mesh.

What do you need to prepare when a group of lions is to enter your zoo The most important thing, of course, is to design and build their enclosure for the Lions.

The Zoo offers Lions conservation, research and animal welfare.

High quality mesh enclosure for Lion cage mesh

The design and manufacture of their enclosure. For the enclosure design of large cats, you have to have enough experience that what you need to find out must suit your zoo needs.

Include your venue and your surroundings.

The welfare of the Lions and the safety aspects for visitors and staff were the top priorities in the design of the fencing.

You need to fully understand the terrain of the site you have reserved, calculate how many lions can be managed by the size of the space, and design the corresponding enclosure housing for the problem that will occur. There is not a small amount of investment in a enclosure, you need to consider the life of the enclosure, the enclosure must be able to withstand the test of time.

You have to pre-empt a 20-year future to make the life span of the enclosures match the life cycles of these lions. The choice of building materials is the biggest problem you have to face.

The material of the enclosure must have a long enough life to reduce the maintenance expenditure in the later period. Stainless steel materials have an impressive enough advantage in this regard.

The stainless steel cable mesh made of stainless steel is rugged and safer than the pvc-coated wire mesh and galvanized welded mesh. Stainless steel cable mesh has more than 30 years of ultra-long life, which is its time since its birth to today, in today's view, the earliest application in the zoo stainless steel cable mesh is still smooth and bright surface.

This implies huge economic benefits, one investment, lifetime use, almost no need for late maintenance spending, which is obviously very cost-effective. In addition, the black stainless steel cable mesh can be integrated with the surrounding environment. People don't like abrupt things, especially things that feel like enclosures, which can affect the visitor's customer experience, and if you're using a black stainless steel cable mesh, you don't have to worry about that.

Black stainless steel cable mesh is very transparent, the slightest does not block the view, dark Black can be integrated with the surrounding environment, in no way to attract the attention of tourists. In the installation of course is also very easy, the commonly used mesh area is 5 meters high, 15 meters wide, and stainless steel cable mesh does not need to be cropped at all, a single net chip can reach this size.

It can even be added to the height of 1 meters of overhang, and there is no problem.

Stainless steel cable mesh, used for lion fence mesh, for the coming lion, is the best choice.