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Wire Rope Mesh Fencing Order Completed and Delivery to USA

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Lliulin wire rope mesh fencing order has been shipped to Pennsylvania, USA.

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The spring of each year is the peak season for stainless steel wire rope mesh fencing orders. Many zoos in North America begin planning new or rebuilding zoo enclosures at the beginning of the year and purchase materials to advance work in the spring. There are also some zoos that will finalize the stainless steel zoo network plan before Christmas, and then start the zoo mesh project after the New Year.

Liulin zoo wire mesh factory has been engaged in the production and supply of stainless steel rope nets for nearly 30 years. These years, Liulin zoo wire mesh has accumulated many long-term customers. We trust each other, and the cooperation in steel wire rope net ordering is also very smooth.

Liulin zoo mesh factory is constantly looking for new opportunities for cooperation. Our steel wire rope net products are of excellent quality and meet international standards, so we have also gained recognition from many customers and developed into a long-term partner. This is a virtuous circle for our company and for wire rope mesh products.

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The order for the 1/8-inch steel wire rope mesh fence sent to Pennsylvania was ordered by a long-term customer. Each year his zoo orders several batches of stainless steel wire mesh for use in newly constructed animal cages. After long-term cooperation, we know each other's habits and needs very well. Hence, the information given by customers is very accurate every time. The size of the woven mesh we provide to customers is also produced in strict accordance with the requirements. The delivery cycle is closely related to the current production schedule and the size of the order. Liulin zoo mesh factory will update the most accurate delivery time when determining the order.

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Many people come into contact with wire rope nets for the first time or hear how they are from others, but they have never seen this product, do not understand the characteristics of wire rope mesh nets, and do not know how to provide accurate information to order. It doesn't matter, don't worry, you just need to contact us, tell us your problem, and we will provide you with a feasible solution. If you need to know more characteristics of stainless steel wire mesh, or you need to test whether it can meet the requirements, please contact us for samples. Liulin zoo wire mesh can provide free samples, and we also accept customized sample orders.

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