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Aviary mesh order finished, Macaw aviary wire mesh, Parrot aviary mesh

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The production of the aviary mesh order is completed, and the customer has just customized to build a new macaw aviary project. The black stainless steel parrot aviary mesh developed by Liulin uses a black oxide coloring process. This process creates a dense black oxide layer on the stainless steel surface. This technology enhances the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of stainless steel while coloring. Once this technology was launched, it was well received by customers.


The stainless steel macaw web is a flexible metal mesh that can be placed over a frame or other support. This wire mesh uses high-quality stainless steel wire as a raw material, does not rust, is corrosion-resistant, has a long life and is easy to clean. Moreover, no other accessories are needed during the weaving process, and the plurality of steel wire ropes are knotted to form a net. The structure is simple, durable, anti-collision, and the net knot is not deformed and does not fall off.

The stainless steel macaw mesh has a wide range of applications. Whether it is a humid and high temperature environment, or a dry and dry environment, whether it is rain or snow, wind or salt water environment. Stainless steel cable meshes ensure stable physical and chemical properties.

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