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Black wire rope mesh product order finished

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This is a black wire rope mesh product custom-made for Canadian customers and will be used for the construction of large aviaryies.

In order for our customers to complete their orders in a timely manner, we have taken a variety of measures to ensure the normal operation of our factory. Please don’t worry, we will be able to smooth out the effects of this disease.

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The order is commonly used in zoo animal cages and building materials for bird houses, and the black stainless steel zoo net is a common building material. In particular, black stainless steel material, where the black stainless steel zoo net because of its unique advantages, by the zoo designers love. The black stainless steel zoo net is woven from a black stainless steel wire cable. Flexible and firm, thin and durable. It can be used in a variety of environments, such as the roof of the birdhouse net, the fence of birds, the cage of a mammoth, etc.

The zoo mesh has a lot of advantages. Because it is made of black stainless steel, it is not rusty and fastens durable. And can maintain a beautiful appearance for a long time. Second, it is a flexible net that can be stretched and tightened and able to adapt to various frames. Then, it can also adapt to a variety of environments, not afraid of high temperature, not afraid of exposure, not afraid of bad weather, especially suitable for outdoor use. Finally, the installation is very convenient, save time and effort, reduce labor costs.