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Price of stainless steel zoo mesh products

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Now we are talking about the price of our products - stainless steel zoo mesh. Now we have 44 different specifications, with different wire rope diameters and different mesh aperture sizes. Different specifications have different prices. This is just one material, such as 304. If you add other materials, such as 304L/316/316L, the prices lists will even more.

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In general, the Price of stainless steel zoo mesh products depends mainly on the diameter of the wire rope and the aperture size of the mesh. The larger the rope diameter, the smaller the mesh aperture, the higher the price, and the highest price can reach nearly $50/m2. On the contrary, the smaller the rope diameter, the larger the mesh aperture, and the lower the price, the lowest possible several dollars per square meter.

So, if you want to got a quotation of the price of stainless steel zoo mesh products, I will choose to use the typical specifications and the corresponding animal as a "partial quotation". We also hope to be able to make more accurate quotes for specific animals, application environments, and customers' ideas. If we have these prerequisites, we will do better.

So please let us get more information and we will do better. If you have interesting in the Price of stainless steel zoo mesh products, welcome to contact us:

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