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Large Order Quantity Delivered - Cable Mesh for Animal Exterior Enclosures

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Last week, Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh sent a large shipment of cable mesh for animal exterior enclosure to Beijing airport. The shipment will be handed over to the customer's freight forwarder at Beijing airport to arrange for shipment to the eastern United States.

This shipment of stainless steel cable mesh took our workers more than a month to complete, and all of it was finally completed perfectly. This shipment is about 3,000 square meters of thicker dia. wire stainless steel woven rope mesh, over 3,000 kilograms, and a total of 4 heavy duty pallets.

packages of zoo animal exterior enclosure nettingcable woven mesh for animal enclosures

For transportation, the foldable nature of stainless steel cable mesh provides great convenience. There is a very big advantage in price for small volume and weight goods if you use the air freight method. It can save a large amount of freight budget for customers.

This order for stainless steel cable mesh is from an animal farm in the US, they are building a new batch of exterior enclosures for large animals, so they need to use thicker wire rope mesh. This customer was introduced by one of our regular customers, and we always have good cooperation with our customers. They trusted us and always told other people how amazing of our stainless steel woven mesh. They are very familiar with each other and therefore trust us.

After several emails, the customer determined the desired cable mesh specifications, and the mesh sizes for each specification, after which the order was confirmed. After receiving the payment, we immediately arranged the production. Because we prepared the stainless steel rope material in advance and had enough raw materials, everything went smoothly in production.

cable mesh for animal exterior enclosure order

Regarding shipping, Liulin Zoo Wire Mesh supports customers to use their own appointed freight forwarder and will cooperate to provide export documents. Also, if you don't have a cooperative freight forwarder, don't worry. We have cooperation with both air and ocean shipping companies, and we also have close cooperation with FedEx. We can choose the right shipping method for you to make the shipment go smoothly.

If you still need more information about Stainless Steel Cable Mesh, please contact us directly. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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