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The animal enclosure netting is hand-woven stainless steel net,  diamond netting, the material is indestructible stainless steel, with excellent flexibility, almost indestructible, the most impact and breaking resistance, the most resistant to rain, snow, hurricane.

The structure of the animal enclosure netting is very tough and strong. The size of the cable net is very large, which is very suitable for large-sized animal enclosures or bird houses. The stainless steel material has a flexible surface, good corrosion resistance and a very long service life. In addition, the cable net has a beautiful appearance and is very transparent, which does not affect the viewing effect of animals.

Animal enclosure netting plays the role of enclosuring and protecting  animals, and can safely contain any species on land, indoor or outdoor air. The use of animal enclosure netting can ensure the safety of animals and people, and the diamond-shaped mesh can also provide tourists with a wide range of businesses without affecting viewing.