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Animal Fence Enclosures Netting advantages

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Animal Fence Enclosures Netting is one of theZoo mesh application, mainly for various of animal cage's fencing, enclosure, barrier mesh, protective netting, and so on. Animals from small as mouse to large as giraffes cage all suitable use this mesh.

Animal Fence Enclosures Netting is one of the Zoo mesh application

There are some tips about animal fence enclosure netting mesh we want to share.

1. Material:AISI304/304L/316/316L stainless steel

The material grade and price compare: AISI304<304L<316<316L. Generally, the material 304 are most commonly used. The material we used was imported from Japan and Korea, there is a very, very good quality, can be used more than 30 years.

2. Process technology: 100% woven by hands

The animal fence enclosure netting mesh are 100% woven by hands, flexible and soft, can be stretched to any shape, so the mesh can perfect meet any designing shape. Although woven the mesh need time, but we have the skilled workers, can be the fastest to complete the orders.

3. Price: excellent quality and reasonable price.

As a factory, Our biggest advantage is the favorable Factory Price. Competitive price, but with highest cost performance ratio. Customers deal directly with us. No middlemen, no trouble! Fast and more profitable!

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We have a variety of specifications for different animal species. Special product specifications can be customized according to customer requirements!

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