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Deer/giraffe/zebra/sheep/kangaroo animal cage barrier fence

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Deer, Giraffe, zebra, kangaroo, sheep are the common animals in zoos, these animals are all quiet, gentle, and easily imposed on, no aggressive, so in the animal cage barrier fence selection, have their own particularity.

For the convenience of tourists, the barrier fence of the animals deer / giraffe / zebra / sheep / kangaroo no need too high, make samples of stainless steel zoo mesh, the height should not more than 1.2m.

In addition to protection, there are often requirements for aesthetics. With diamond shape, the stainless steel zoo mesh is gentle and beatiful.

3. Stainless steel zoo mesh can adapt to a variety of environments of these animals' cages, and is easy to shape and integrate with the surrounding environment.

Deer-giraffe-zebra-sheep-kangaroo animal cage barrier fence

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