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Flexible aviary mesh netting

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        Liulin is a professional manufacturer of flexible aviary mesh netting of Chinese manufacturers, with excellent quality and meticulous service has won the unanimous praise of customers since 1996. Flexible aviary mesh netting has excellent performance, thanks to stainless steel 304/316 material, with up to 30 years of life, anti-ultraviolet, anti-weathering, not rust, maintenance-free.


         Favored by architects from around the world, it is widely used in zoo enclosures, buildings, decorations and bridge safety protection.

         Common stainless steel wire mesh products, flexible aviary mesh netting is the only flexible and rigid combination of creative products, it uses stainless steel wire rope as a material, through the preparation of the formation of mesh. Its protective capability is impressive, the load-bearing capacity of the product #3251 can reach 7800kg per square meter.

          Its variety of specifications can be applied to a variety of scenes, #1225 is very lightweight, perspective, weight only 0.55kg per square meter.

          Stainless steel wire woven mesh flexibility so that it is not limited by the shape, can be applied to the design of the unique shape, and the size of the single-chip panel can reach 20m*10m, the entire aviary roof or front plate is composed of a piece of mesh, this visual performance far more than similar products. flexible aviary mesh netting has a variety of advantages so that your building has superb performance. In the long run, the life span and maintenance-free nature of the 30 is also the best way to save your expenses.

          Liulin flexible aviary mesh netting is the best choice for you.