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Gorilla barrier cage fencing-stainless steel wire rope mesh

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Gorilla barrier cage fencing, gorilla fence mesh, gorilla enclosure -liulin stainless steel gorillas protective manufacturer custom production, stainless steel wire rope net selling products.

Gorilla barrier cage fencing-stainless steel wire rope mesh 

Gorillas are a very clever animal, good move climbing, similar animals are: gorillas, chimpanzees, baboons, mountains, gibbons, monkeys and so on. In the zoo, it is an ornamental animal that is very popular with tourists. The construction of the gorillas cages in the zoo is mainly imitation of the ecology, and the height of the gorilla cage fence is generally 4-5 meters. The area is dependent on the density of the orangutans. The choice of the gorillas fence enclousre in the cages construction is directly related to the gorillas. Quality of life and visitors to experience the degree of experience, mainly based on the following aspects:


1. Gorilla barrier cage fencing to have a good resistance to the ability to carry orangutans in the climbing weight;

2. Gorilla fence mesh, gorilla enclosure to be flexible, do not hurt the orangutan fur;

3. Gorilla wire rope netting, stainless steel gorilla protective mesh to be able to adapt to a variety of climatic conditions, not aging, no rust, long life;

4. Gorilla fence nets, gorilla exhibit protective to have a good permeability, no sense of restraint, do not block the line of sight;

5. Gorilla cage covered mesh, gorilla braid mesh, gorilla cage netting to be beautiful and environmentally friendly, and the natural environment and harmony.


For the above Gorilla barrier cage fencing, gorilla fence mesh, gorilla enclosure needs, liulin stainless steel rope netting mesh not only meet all, but also with tailor-made services, according to the zoo specific cages environment to provide the appropriate stainless steel rope specifications, custom mesh size. Can be maximized to meet the gorillas cage places, good integrity, flexible and convenient installation, free from terrain, cage shape restrictions.


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