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Stainless steel lion cage mesh, lions fence mesh, africa lion enclosure mesh

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Stainless steel wire rope mesh for African lion fence, lions fence mesh, Asiatic lion enclosure mesh, lion protection net ect. In addition, the stainless steel products are also included tiger fence mesh, tiger cage net, leopard cage fence mesh, leopard cage enclosure mesh, bears fence mesh, and so on.

Lions are native to Africa, India and South American mammal, not in ancient China. In India the lion was sacred beasts, So when the lion with the Buddhism was introduced into China, we also make the lion as an auspidous animal. As a result in china, we often see the stone lions in the place of bridges, government office building, tombs, housing ect.

The lion’s biggest enemy is the modern human. Human wanton hunting and harsh environment resulting in two subspecies of the African lion to extinction, and the Asiatic lion is near death. Today , the lion’s living situation has received worldwide attention, and got some protection. But in the face of dwindling ecological environment, the lion’s survival pressure is very big still. In order to alleviate the existing situation of lions, authorities had planned to disperse the lion migrations, and called on the people love nature and protect the environment.

In the nature reserves and zoo, liulin stainless steel wire rope mesh as the African lion fence mesh, asian lion fence net, lions fence mesh, lion cage enclosure mesh, lion protection net, lion cage mesh, and so on. Stainless steel lion cage fence mesh parameters specification is as follows:

Wire rope diameter : 1/8"

Mesh hole : 2” x 2”,3” x 3” ,4”x 4”

Material group : AISI 304,316 stainless steel

Custom size.

Liulin stainless steel wire rope mesh factory, lions cage fence mesh ordering process:

1. Customers to choose the appropriate specifications, such as wire wire rope diameter, mesh hole, ect.

2.Provide detailed stainless steel wire rope mesh size.

3. Customers remit a part of amount as deposit, we arrange producing the mesh.

4. Production completed, customers pay for the balance, we delivery the goods.

If you want to learn more about information of the stainless steel lion cage mesh, lions fence mesh, lion enclosure mesh, lion cage enclosure mesh, africa lion protection net, welcome to contact us. Email: zoomeshfactory@hotmail.com

Stainless steel lion cage mesh, lions fence mesh, africa lion enclosure mesh

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