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Stainless steel rope mesh for Aviary

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The main application of Stainless steel rope mesh is used for aviary netting mesh, including the aviary enclosure mesh, aviary roof netting, screen netting, and Isolated netting, Visitors channel, and other protective netting work in the aviary.

Stainless steel rope mesh for Aviary apply for all kinds of birds, such as Parrot, Toucan, Hornbill, Flamingo, Peacock, Pheasant, Turkey, Swan, Pelican, Mandarin Duck, Geese, Mallard, Gull, Cormorant, Egret, Red-crowned Crane, Vulture, Elder, Thrush, Magpie, Acacia, Oriole, Carduelis, Lark, Streptopelia and so on. 

Stainless steel rope mesh for Aviary

The modern bird aviary hand novel style, unique design, the requirements of the fence is also getting higher and higher. Stainless steel rope mesh because of its high quality materials, stylish appearance, flexible and soft performance, become the most suitable choice. Especially for aviary roof netting, high-altitude maintenance has always been a problem, however, Stainless steel rope mesh only need once installation, no maintenance after the later, the service life of up to 30 years. Such a low-cost and cost-effective choice is very wise.

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