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Stainless steel rope mesh for zoo animal cage protection

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About stainless steel rope mesh for zoo animal cage protection field, liulin stainless steel rope factory for its animal cage mesh product specifications, advantages, characteristics, application areas, etc. to make the following description.

Stainless steel rope mesh is liulin company made from 304 stainless steel raw materials, hand woven, according to customer demand custom size, which liulin stainless steel rope mesh factory commonly used specifications are as follows:

Stainless steel Material: SUS304 stainless steel

Wire rope diameter: 1.2mm, 1.6mm, 2.0mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm

Woven mesh side length: 20 × 20mm --- 150 × 150mm

stainless steel rope mesh for zoo animal cage protection  

Liulin stainless steel rope mesh is also known as stainless steel rope braid netting, stainless steel rope netting, wire rope netting, etc., for the zoo animal cages, zoo mesh, animal fence, animal enclosure protection than other materials fence protective products with the following advantages:

1. Flexibility is good, tensile strength, can Easy to protect Tiger/ lion/ leopard and other ferocious animals, to protect the safety of animals and tourists.

2. Corrosion-resistant, no-rust, for outdoor animal cages do not require special maintenance, to adapt to any weather conditions, more than 30 years of service life.

3.liulin stainless steel wire rope woven animal cage netting with scalability, not subject to installation environment restrictions, can be used for any profiled cages, flexible and easy to install.

4. beautiful, good line of sight, diamond-shaped mesh woven animal enclosure protection netting has a good sight, both to the animals a free natural ecology and can give visitors a good view of the line of sight.

5. Custom size, according to customer demand for stainless steel wire rope netting production.

zoo mesh appearance 

For the above characteristics of stainless steel braided rope, liulin manufacturers are not only used for zoo animal cage mesh, animal protection netting places, but also widely applicable to all kinds of zoo birds netting, bridge fence, road fence mesh, stairway protective netting, high altitude Falling protection mesh, decorative protective mesh, construction security mesh and other fields.

At present, liulin stainless steel rope mesh as zoo animal cage protection mesh, animal fence, zoo enclosure netting in Europe and the US and other countries in the field of protection is very popular, based on our factory quality products and the lowest price, with hundreds of customers to establish a long-term supply relationship.


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