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Zoo mesh design and construction

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The purpose of the zoo mesh design is to better protect animals and tourists, and to enable visitors to better through the cage and fence to see animals.

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Within the animal cage, according to the different animal size, characteristics, design and construction of suitable habitat and activities, and match the appropriate zoo mesh fencing.

Simulation of animal cages: This type of animal cage to reproduce the animal's real living environment, the basic appearance of plant survival of the soil composition, animal behavior and so on. Under this type, the design and construction of the zoo mesh for animal fence is suitable for concealment, natural, and the surrounding environment.

Reconstruction of animal cages: This animal cage shape is based on the natural habitat on the basis of re-transformation, the use of real living environment elements, replace plants and trees, maintain or improve the soil form, the animal's living environment and the existing environment Combine. Under this type, you can design the construction of hidden zoo mesh fence, you can also use the zoo mesh fence to create the appropriate scenery.

Natural Animal Cage: This type is a small copy of the elements in the real environment or is not copied at all. It is the use of natural material style, the main purpose is usually only to decorate the space. This type of zoo mesh animal fence does not require concealment, you can design a beautiful, self-contained scenery.

The current zoo, the simulation of animal cages is not easy to build, and transformation and natural type is more common. According to the above analysis, hoping to help customers build zoo mesh for animal fencing.

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