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Do you know the monkey enclosure mesh?

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"If you had an monkey, you would put an monkey in a stainless steel mesh fence."

-George Schaller

If you've ever picked up monkeys, you've probably heard of the monkey enclosure mesh. This is enough to explain the importance of stainless steel monkey fence to wild monkeys. Monkey stainless steel mesh fences are suitable for many monkeys, whether these monkeys are as big as a gorilla or as small as a spider monkey. Monkey fences are mainly used to make fences for different species of monkeys, such as fences and isolated zoos, safari parks, exhibition halls, museums, etc.

Primates love to climb. Monkey enclosure mesh has high tensile strength and elasticity and is easy to install. The monkey enclosure mesh provides a lot of space for their activities. Lightweight mesh protects you from hurt. For large primates, a 2.4 mm diameter traction cable provides strength up to 28.8 T. The flexible and elastic contact surface can fully protect the safety of animals and travelers. Primates are diverse and vary widely in size. The key to choosing the right monkey enclosure mesh is to choose the right cable diameter and mesh size according to its body type. The size of the cable diameter determines how much traction the wire mesh cable can withstand.

The monkey enclosure mesh is usually a completely closed mesh. It is usually planted with large trees and easy-climbing ornaments. The support structure usually uses iron posts to tie ropes to the support system, then nets or passages are opened between the fences adjacent to the monkey roaming activities, extending and providing a variety of methods to the public.

1. Monkey enclosure mesh has a simple structure, durability and high safety. No matter how bad your monkey is, a monkey fence will keep your monkey safe.

2. The monkey enclosure mesh has excellent elasticity and flexibility, and can be used for monkey riding posture. The net surface is flat and smooth, and the rope is smooth and does not hurt the monkey hair.

3. No rust, easy to clean, environmentally friendly, non-polluting, clean and open, which can provide a healthy living environment for monkeys.

4. The monkey enclosure mesh has good light transmittance, does not hinder the sight of pedestrians, and can provide excellent interactive conditions for tourists and monkeys.

5. The maintenance cost is extremely low, and the service life is more than 30 years.

6. The monkey enclosure mesh is very flexible and can be applied in various monkeys.

7. A wide range of applications can be established in cold, hot, dry, humid, mountainous, humid and other climates and terrain conditions.

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