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Stainless steel cable mesh for Leopard Fence Mesh

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Stainless steel cable mesh for Leopard Fence Mesh, it seems that this latest product is still the best choice for the leopard enclosure fence.


Leopard enclosure (3)

Our customer K.L. Prochter said: "The stainless steel wire mesh fence is the best cheetah fence I have ever used.Cheetahs have very special skills compared to other animals. If you see them climbing trees for the first time, their climbing ability may surprise you. This is also the difficulty and focus of building a cheetah fence system. The stainless steel cable fence gives the cheetah full protection and is sturdy and reliable.”

Leopards are usually kept in a closed fence, and the entire area is under the iron mesh structure, because these animals are professional climbers and can climb any type of fence. The new fence will have such an arrangement that, if any, the leopard manages to climb the wall and touch the perimeter fence, and an instantaneous 8,000 volts current will strike it for a while, forcing it to retreat to its fence.

Leopards are usually kept in closed enclosures because these animals are professional climbers and can climb any type of fence. The new fence is very soft and flexible, and the surface is smooth, making it difficult for the cheetah to climb, but don't worry about hurting it. Many cheetah fences will be energized, but this will damage the cheetah, even if the current is very small.

Many Leopard Fence Mesh use concrete walls to cast deep pits and prevent them from crawling out, but this will affect the visitor experience. Because the bird's eye view makes the cheetah difficult to observe, you can't even tell that the fur on the back and abdomen is different.

The new fence has been scientifically designed to ensure that visitors are better able to observe animals and to ensure the safety of visitors. "K.L. Prochter said.

The Stainless steel cable mesh produced by Liulin is lightweight, luxurious in appearance and see-through. It is suitable for outdoor enclosures in the open air.

This is almost a perfect enclosure building material.



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