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Animal Fence Enclosures Netting in Zoo Visiting Information

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When visiting the zoo, note the following about Animal Fence Enclosures Netting:

When visiting the zoo, note the following about Animal Fence Enclosures Netting.jpgAnimal Fence Enclosures Netting in Zoo Visiting Information.jpg

1, the child to accompany the whole parents. Encounter bear Hill, Lion Tiger such a resort, must pay attention to safety, not too front of the animal fence enclosures netting.

2, the age is too small baby, is in the developmental stage, so suitable for parents and parents in the green around the rest or walk. Some of the birds of the small fluff, it is easy to cause the child's upper respiratory tract disease and allergies, it is best not to be too close to the animal fence enclosures netting, suitable for long-range viewing.

3, do not arbitrarily feeding animals through animal fence enclosures netting. Although some animals are omnivorous, but visitors seem to kindly feeding, actually harm them, is very easy to cause animal diseases, and even fatal.

4, do not "tease" animals out of the animal fence enclosures netting, in case of animal estrus or lactation, it is easy to cause animal hostility, which triggered the risk of tourists themselves.

5, the child in the tour, see like or sleep animals, can not help but excitement or beat the animal fence enclosures netting. In fact, this is very dangerous. Because some animals are night activities, rest during the day, disturb their normal life and inherent habits of the animals against the tourists themselves are also unfavorable.

6, for animals to take pictures, try not to use the flash, will stimulate the animal eyes. If it is a horse, may be frightened, violent wounding.

7, for the tour of the child, the parents can explain to the children some of the characteristics of animal display, each animal fence enclosures netting above have introduactions, have a brand, write very clearly. If the child is particularly fond of an animal, parents can buy books, CD to the child to see.

8, the general zoo, there will be a small animal feeding area, parents can take children to feed small animals. If you bring their own dishes, we must pay attention not to rot rotten, to the animals for food, but also pay attention to animal emotions, do not hard plug.

9, do not put the food and water on the car trunk, because in the wildlife park there are no animal fence enclosures netting, to get off is a very dangerous thing, at any time may be attacked by latent animals.

10, the general wild zoo are relatively vast, every few kilometers have gas stations, so be sure to ensure that your car has enough oil; sure your phone has enough batteries, or emergency will be difficult to save.

11, do not wear short-sleeved pants in the zoo, and bring a good anti-mosquito drugs, because the general place a lot of mosquitoes and easy to spread malaria.

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