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Bird Netting Price

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About bird netting price, we need specific specifications to calculate and quote. According to the size of birds, apply the specifications of the bird netting. Such as mixed confinement, it is best to provide the largest and smallest birds species, this can make sure we do the right recommendation.

All bird nets lists are as follows and minimum breaking load data (third column)

bird netting price list.png

We provide the bird nettig for the wire rope hand-woven mesh, the raw material is a wire rope, the surface without any treatment, can be anti-corrosion and antioxidant, no rust for more than 30 years. Not other galvanized, plastic, nylon and other materials can be compared. Our steel wire bird netting is softer and durable. So the bird netting price will be higher than the other material mesh.

For example, mixed with the smallest bird about 9cm, we recommend that you can choose 1625 specifications, if located at the beach, choose 316 material will have better corrosion resistance. Please contact us for bird netting price details.

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