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Bird cage wire mesh size / shape / price

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This article focuses on the what is the bird cage wire mesh sizes / shapes / price / cost and the requirements in the production and customization process.

Bird cage wire mesh size

In general, the Bird cage wire mesh size is custom-made and can be produced in any size without limitation. However, if the weight of a wire mesh panel is too large, such as more than 100 kilograms, it is very inconvenient to handle and transport, so we would recommend splitting into small pieces.

If there is a split, after the bird cage wire mesh is divided into small pieces, how do you connect them into a large mesh during installation? Let's introduce some methods. First of all, the most common and simplest and quickest way is to use a wire rope as a connecting line, like sewing clothes, to "sew" the edges of the two mesh panels. This method is not difficult and can be done by any installer. Secondly, if you want to find a more beautiful connection method, then the ferules are a good helper, it can "stick" the two wire ropes like chewing gum.

Bird cage wire mesh shapes

Bird cage wire mesh often requires a top cover, but the top is not a regular rectangle and square, and in most cases is a variety of shapes, especially the large outdoor bird aviary. Unfortunately, there is no way we can make the bird cage wire mesh shape into a perfectly shaped shape, including various triangles, pentagons, circles, trapezoids, and so on. In fact, the Bird cage wire mesh can only be made into a regular rectangle.

If the shape of the bird cage wire mesh that the customer needs is rectangular, then he can easily install it. But if the customer needs a profiled shape, then it has to be tailored to achieve the goal. It is important to note that the cut must have occurred after the installation was fixed. When the edges of the desired shape are fixed, cut off the excess and re-fix each clipping point with the ferrules.

Bird cage wire mesh shapes and connection ways

Bird cage wire mesh price

Is bird cage wire mesh size related to price? Of course, the more the quantity, the more the total amount will be, but the unit price is the same regardless of the size.

Is the shape of the bird cage wire mesh related to the price? It doesn't matter, we only make and charge according to the rectangle, the total cost of 2m x 5m and 1m x 10m is the same.

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