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Black oxide parrots cage netting

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Black oxide parrots cage netting application for most parrots cage fence, parrots enclosure mesh, parrots aviary screen netting, parrots protective fence, include macaws, budgies, love birds, and other species.

Black oxide parrots cage nettingBlack oxide parrots cage netting

The materials of Black oxide parrots cage netting is high quality AISI 304/316 stainless steel wire cables, with natrual color, or black oxide color, or bronze color finished. It is strong, durable, flexible and safe for any cage enclosure mesh in zoos, parks, wildlife zoo, and other similar place.

Black oxide parrots cage netting not only can protect the parrots in the cage, but also can prevent the intruder. Meanwhile in protect the birds eyes, the black color is the best chioce.

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