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Design and construction of the flamingos cage netting and venues

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Design and construction of the flamingos cage netting and venues

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Flamingos are tropical birds, sensitive to the cold weather, the appropriate survival temperature of 10 degrees Celsius, humidity control in 40% -50%. Flamingos are alert, vulnerable, group strong, like water, like water to clean up feathers, which can prevent the erosion of bacteria and parasites, these features in the design and construction of the flaming cage netting and venues need consider.

Flamingos cage homes and venues are generally divided into indoor and outdoor parts. Outdoor for the active area, the need for water, green, red clay and other infrastructure. Indoor heating and ventilation facilities. In addition, the climate is dry areas can be installed spray equipment, increase the air humidity.

The outdoor area of the flamingo cottage area is as large as possible to simulate its outdoor living environment and provide a breeding ground for nesting. Flamingos cage netting is best to use stainless steel wire rope netting mesh, on the one hand to block the invasion of the beast, on the other hand can prevent the flamingo flying out. The surface of stainless steel wire rope netting mesh are smooth, soft, can protect the birds' feathers from harm. In the flaming cage netting near the network planted climbing plants, can form a natural barrier, so that the bird cage will be more natural harmony.

Commonly used the stainless steel wire rope netting mesh of 1/16 "x 2" x 2 " for flamingos cage netting fence, the details are as follow:

> by inch detdails:

Steel wire rope Diameter: 1/16 inch

Mesh aperture: 2 inch x 2 inch

> by mm details:

Steel wire rope Diameter: 1.6mm

Mesh aperture: 51mm x 51mm

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